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September 24, 2004 - 06:59 AM
Emil (Amin) Numatullah Haddad
from Australia

Dear Youseff
Congratulations on an excellent site and committment to keeping the Kfarsghab culure and beliefs strong and ongoing. I was made aware of the your website at a recent Austalian Kfarsghab Assoc. (AKA) Committee meeting by Gerad Hanna Issac who was there recently with his parents and sister Gwen. Please feel free to contact me as I will enjoy opening a dialogue as i am very interested in the eduational and historical aspects of your site. I am sure that you know AKA has a website and we are working dilgently to always to improve our website. You have surpassed yourself with this site.

God Bless you and your family and I hope to be in Lebanon (God Willing)next year. regards

Amin Numtatullah Haddad
Sydney Australia

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