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   Many thanks  to Mr. Assaad Said Coorie from Sydney, Australia for his invaluable input in the compilation of this page.
Kfarsghab has given to the Maronite Church an important number of its sons and daughters as priests, monks and nuns (1). In 1900, there was 8 priests from Kfarsghab and 13 monks. For a total number of adult males of 330, those 21 men of God represented 6.4% of the male population. No nun was reported to be from Kfarsghab. When we take a look at the neighboring villages, the difference is evident (2):

On average, 2% of the male adults of Jebbet Bcharri region were at the service of the Church in the year 1900. Kfarsghab, with 6.4%, is second to Bqaa Kafra (the village of Saint Charbel). 

In 1900, there were one priest in Kfarsghab for every 119 churchgoers where in the whole region of Jebbet Bcharri it was one priest for every 182 churchgoers. In Kfarsghab, 75% of the priests were married. We find the same for the priests of Jebbet Bcharri. Priesthood was handed down from father to son. That tradition created a chain of priests with the same names : Boulos, Choukrallah, Hanna, Youssef, Gibrayil, ...

It is possible that, before 1880, men at the service of the Church represented around 12% of the male adults in Kfarsghab. This could be easily calculated from the lists of the monks and the priests of Kfarsghab.
Male Adults Priests Monks Men of God % of Male Adults
Bcharri 1500 29 6 35 2%
Ehden 1500 25 8 33 2%
Kfarsghab 330 8 13 21 6%
Hadchit 400 8 0 8 2%
Hasroun 900 4 2 6 1%
BqaaKafra 300 13 18 31 10%
Total Jebbet Bcharri 8005 131 63 194 2%

Today from the village of Kfarsghab, there are 11 priests at the service of the Church. No monks are counted among the sons of Kfarsghab. 15 nuns are in different orders in Lebanon and abroad.

Below, you will find the names of the priests of Kfarsghab from beginning of the 19 Century till the end of 20th Century.

(1) - For more Information on the Monks from Kfarsghab, see on this Website- Monks from Kfarsghab
(2) - in Dr Jean Nakkhoul - Historical Demography of Nahiyat Bcharri from end 19 Century till beginning of 20th Century - Published in the Accounts of the First Congress on Jebbet Bcharri History - National Committee of Gibran - 1998 - p. 158
Names of the priests of Kfarsghab (to be completed)
Birth dates are estimated from the records of the Dimane Archives
Name Birth Status Ordained By Bishop Place Church Death Comments
Fr. Youssef Al Bahri ~1700 Married           From Copyists of Jebbet Bcharri and their works during the Ottoman period by Dr Nasser AlGemayel Published in the Accounts of the 3rd Congress on Jebbet Bcharri History - National Committee of Gibran - 2005 - p. 167  
Fr. Youssef Elias - Married            
Fr. Gerges Habqouq -              
Fr. Mikhayil - Married            
Fr. Elias Costantine - Married           Wife : Ghalieh AbdelAhad AlKhoury Youssef
Fr. Gibrayil   Married           Wife : Martha Elias Daniel
Fr. Youssef AlHaddad - Married           In charge of the Brotherhood of the Immaculate Conception from 1863. Our Great Great Grandfather.
Fr. Elias Raphael -             Brotherhood of the Immaculate Conception on 8 Dec. 1856
Fr. Boutros Nehmeh Hanna 1814 Unmarried            
Fr. Ibrahim Nehmeh 1828 Married 6 Sep. 1869 Youssef Al Marid Dimane Mar Youssef   Wife : Hannah Slayman Moussa Abou Brahim
Fr. Boutros Hanna 1842 Unmarried 2 May 1872 Youssef Al Marid Bkerke Qozhaya 8 Feb. 1920 one of the leaders of the revolt 1875-1878
Fr. Francis Habqouq 1845 Married 12 Nov. 1865 Youssef Al Marid Dimane Mar Awtel    
Fr. Boulos Costantine 1847 Married 5 Aug. 1868 Youssef Al Marid Dimane     Wife : Madlena Roukos Yaacoob
Fr. Antonios Rooda 1855 Married 2 Mar. 1893 Elias AlHowayek    Mar Youssef   Wife : Hasnah Tannous Ghazi
Fr. Youssef Moubarac 1867 Married 24 Dec. 1889 Boulos Awwad Bkerke Mar Awtel   Wife: Saideh AlKhoury Youssef AlHaddad
Fr. Gibrayil Rooda 1867 Married 24 Dec. 1899 Boulos Awwad Bkerke Mar Awtel    
Fr. Boutros Sam   Married            
Fr. Neemtallah Samia   Married 11 Oct. 1909         Wife: Marina Tannous Ibrahim Rouda
Fr. Abdallah Habqouq   Married            
Fr. Hanna Abbood I   Married            
Fr. Choukrallah Boulos I   Married            
Fr. Antoun Moubarac   Married            
Fr. Hanna Abbood II   Married            
Fr. Youakim Moubarac   Unmarried           For more, see the special section of this site:
Youakim Moubarac, a man of exception

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