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The village of Kfarsghab goes back at least to the Crusades era. Sources cites Kfarsghab as far as 1200 AD. Till the Eighteenth Century, Kfarsghab seems to have been a village of modest importance, even after the merger around 1600 with the neighboring village of Qaryat Moussa. It witnessed a dramatic economic and demographical development between 1750 and 1950.

For more on the History of our village, you will find here a collection of articles compiled by me on historical events, people, ...

If you wish to contribute to this work, please contact me [Youssef]
Copyists from Kfarsghab
Discover the manuscript activity in Kfarsghab
during the Ottoman period (1516-1915).

Monks from Kfarsghab
Discover the monks from Kfarsghab and the relation with the Monastery of Qozhaya

Priests of Kfarsghab
Learn about the priesthood tradition in Kfarsghab from the beginning of the 19th Century
Historical Chronolgy
Discover some important dates of the history of Kfarsghab and the people who made it.

Historical Demography
Historical Demography evolution of Kfarsghab over five centuries from 1519 till 2004 with some interesting data on the taxation in 1571.

Ibn Al Sabha
the controversial story of this native of Kfarsghab (1283 AD) as narrated in Tarikh Al Azminah of the Patriarch Estephan Al Douaihy

Sheikhs in the 18h Century
Learn about the Sheikhs of Kfarsghab in the 18th Century, their names, their deeds, ...

Morh Kfarsghab Establishment
the translation of the property title signed by two men in 1748 AD and who will later have a 12 year war

W.H. Bartlett engravings
Kfarsghab area in 1830, photos taken from my personal collection of North Lebanon 19th Century engravings.
Mar Awtel Church
Discover the History of Saint Awtel Church from the beginning of the 16th Century.

Mart Moura Church
Learn about the history of the church of the extinct village of Qaryat Moussa.
Le village de Kfarsghab remonte au moins au temps des Croisades. Des sources citent Kfarsghab aussi loin que 1200. Jusqu'au milieu du dix-huitième siècle, Kfrarsghab semble avoir été un village modeste, même après la fusion autour de 1600 avec le village voisin de Qaryat Moussa. Entre 1750 et 1950, il va connaître un développement économique et démographique important.

Pour en savoir plus, découvrez ici un ensemble d'articles compilés par moi et relatifs aux év
ènements historiques, aux gens, ...

Si vous souhaitez contribuer à ce travail, merci de me contacter [Youssef]
Family Names
Discover the names and nicknames of the families of Kfarsghab in the 19th century.

Female Naming Tradition
See what where the firstnames of women living in Kfarsghab between 1854 and 1936.

Male Naming Tradition
See what where the firstnames of men living in Kfarsghab between 1854 and 1936.

Kfarsghab in the Eighteenth Century
Follow the progress of my research in the history of Kfarsghab in the eighteenth century, I need help !

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